The Steve Spurrier Story

The Steve Spurrier Story

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Mention the name Steve Spurrier to sports fans and without a doubt a lively discussion and exchange will ensue. Love him or hate him, opinions about the new coach of the Washington Redskins and University of Florida gridiron commander, rarely rate as ambivalent. Bill Chastain's The Steve Spurrier Story: From Heisman to Head Ballcoach is the first comprehensive biography of the man on the sidelines. Through interviews with family, friends, colleagues, and players, Chastain provides an intimate look at the significant influences and events that have helped shape Steve Spurrier into the extraordinary and oftentimes controversial football coach he is today. When Spurrier was growing up, the slogan qIt's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game ...q was not a tenet that stuck in the Spurrier household, where Spurrier's father, the Reverend Graham Spurrier, liked to say, qif it doesn't matter if you won or lose, why do you keep score?q A talented athlete, made better by his competitive instincts, evolved from this philosophy. Spurrier's competitive instincts led him to performances that qualified him to win the Heisman Trophy while playing quarterback for the University of Florida; a disappointing NFL career followed. Spurrier's competitiveness continued to be his driving force once he began his coaching career. Few coaches in the history of college football impacted the outcome of a contest from the sidelines the way Spurrier did. An offensive genius with a unique feel for the game, Spurrier rubbed opposing coaches and fans the wrong way by winninga€”and winning biga€”while the University of Florida program reached heights never before dreamed of by alumni and fans. Complex and commanding, demanding and driven, Steve Spurrier steps up to the National Football League at the helm of the Washington Redskins in 2002. Having made Gator football synonymous with qpowerhouse, q can the ole Head Ballcoach dominate at the professional level the way he did in college? Although the jury may still be out, hea€œTherea#39;s not a lot thata#39;s revolutionary when it comes to the NFL, a€ Rodgers said. a€œ But I do think Steve is a guy who isna#39;t afraid that things wona#39;t work. Hea#39;s so confident in what he believes in, what hea#39;s coaching and what hea#39;s teaching, that he willanbsp;...

Title:The Steve Spurrier Story
Author:Bill Chastian
Publisher:Taylor Trade Publishing - 2002-09-30


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