The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus

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THE STORY OF JESUS: AN INTUITIVE ANTHOLOGY Many contemporary Christians suspect that there is more to Jesus and his enduring message than the little that has survived in historical writings and the legendary Christian tradition. This book offers a narrative account of Jesus' life from the perspective of twenty contemporary writers who have developed their natural intuitive abilities to an unusually high level. They are therefore able to bring forth new and detailed information not ordinarily accessible by hisAntorAnical or literary means. Some of them had demonstrated their unusual skill by probing deepAnly into the personal lives and minds of historical individuals other than Jesus, while some had provided important and detailed technical inforAnmation which was then verified scienAntifically. TheyAn apply their intuitive skills here to uncover fresh information about the man Jesus, his contemporaries and his extensive teachings which never found their way into the New TestAnament Gospels and related historical documents. These new findings offer a much richer view of the man himself than that available from traditional Christian sources. They also provide illumiAnnating insights and a deep spiritual underAnstanding of Jesus' original and hidden teachAnings. The Story of Jesus is essential reading for all inquirers and seekers into these hidden and previously lost portions of Christian spiritual history.expired: [ACIM]: Anon, A Course in Miracles (Tiburon, CA: Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975). ... Judith Stanton, Emmanuel s Book: A Manual forLiving Comfortably in the Cosmos (New York: Bantam Books, 1985). ... Quill Driver Books, 2004.

Title:The Story of Jesus
Author:William H. Kautz
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-04


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