The Story of Men's Underwear

The Story of Men's Underwear

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Mena€™s fashion, particularly the trends involving undergarments, was once reserved for the elite; today it has become democratised, clear proof of social progress.The aestheticism of the body so highly valued by the Greeks seems to have regained a prominent place in the masculine world. Mirroring the evolution of societya€™s values, the history of underwear also highlights the continuous, dancing exchange that exists between womena€™s styles and mena€™s fashion. Undergarments are concealed, flaunted, stretched or shortened, establishing a game between yesterdaya€™s illicit and todaya€™s chic and thereby denouncing the sense of disgrace that these simple pieces of clothing used to betray. In this work, Shaun Cole endeavours to re-establish for the first time, through well-researched socio-economic analysis, the importance of mena€™s underwear in the history of costume from ancient times to today. A reflection of technological progress, this study is full of surprises and powerful reflections on mana€™s relationship with his body.125 The Workwomana#39;s Guide, 83. 126 Alison Carter, Underwear: The Fashion History New York: Drama Books, 1992; 36. 127 See Thomas V. DiBacco Made in the U.S.A: The History of American Business (Beard Books: Washington D.C., anbsp;...

Title:The Story of Men's Underwear
Author:Shaun Cole
Publisher:Parkstone International - 2012-05-08


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