The Story Of Our Universe

The Story Of Our Universe

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Intended for a lay audience, this work presents a new theory of Gravitation that uses the mechanics of an Archimedean Screw (helix) to explain how gravity does, what it does, and extends this mechanism to explain other physical phenomena, such as an Electric Charge via a mechanical interpretation of the Chemical Bond. Therefore, the mechanics that govern the core of an atom, also govern the mechanics of the core of a star or a planet. This new type of mechanism eliminates the need for a Strong Force to explain why particles with a like-charge do not fly away in an atom using a variant of Maxwell's idle-wheels. The same mechanism also works to explain the behavior of magnets. Therefore, all fundamental forces in this work are explained via the mechanism of a screw, where a Field Line is interpreted as a spinning screw and the direction of the linear force is obtained by the right hand rule. The Archimedean Screw was invented in 700 BC by the Assyrians. It is one of the six classical simple machines.And therefore, our explanation of the galactic redshifts using the Aberration Theory appear to support at a Static universe. ... Such a universe does not have spatial curvaturea€‹; that is to say that it is a#39;flata#39;. ... interpreted the redshift as proof of universal expansion and thus a Big Banga€‹, whereas Fritz Zwicky proposed that theanbsp;...

Title:The Story Of Our Universe
Author:Johny Jagannath
Publisher:Johny Jagannath - 2015-04-25


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