The Storyteller

The Storyteller

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When Arthur returns to Earth, alone, in a rusty escape pod, after a prolonged stasis, he cannot remember where he is, what caused his runaway, and who his rescuers are. In fact, he cannot remember anything, not even his name... At the strong request of his audience, he follows the emerging threads of his memory to unveil the most complex and the most extraordinary story ever told. a€˜The Storytellera€™ is an original book series of adventure and space exploration, which seems to answer the persistent, intriguing question present in us all: are we alone in the Universe? Are there other intelligent beings, other powerful civilizations out there? a€bAnd if they are, then who or what are they? How do they look like? How are the worlds they create and inhabit, and how different are they from us? This first book of a€˜The Storytellera€™ series introduces a mysterious character that people call simply Arthur, Author, or the Holly One. Here is the first part of his story, including the story of his friends and loved ones. All characters are warm and interesting, young and old, lively and full of joy. They find themselves in interesting circumstances, and they fight and struggle, succeed or fail to get out unharmed. The protagonists are either very powerful, or they are always in contact with powerful, credible beings. At a deeper level, embedded in the web of adventures, my books explore Life, Existence and the Universe, along with the way people, societies and civilizations behave everywhere, forming this comprehensive, everlasting world we experience. Enjoy!Look at him! You are only giving him hopes. Poor Jack!a€ a€œOh, he doesna#39;t have to. Look, I scheduled the interview for five oa#39;clock on Friday, ... You have a new job, and you will make Mother very happy. ... old Joe was his father. Well ... Either way , he was going to wear those nice, shiny boots and a vest with metal buttons on it.

Title:The Storyteller
Author:Valentin Matcas
Publisher:Valentin Leonard Matcas -


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