The Stranger

The Stranger

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Charlotte is heading to a tiger sanctuary to do some voluntary work as part of her travels. But a fellow traveller working at the sanctuary starts to make her feel uncomfortable and she decides to ask Otto to visit her, pretending to be her boyfriend. When things start going wrong at the sanctuary, Charlotte fears a vendetta against her could be to blame. As tigers come under attack from poachers, the local authorities threaten to replace the sanctuary's management. Mark the journalist reappears, ostensibly covering the poaching crisis, but also delving into the background of the traveller who is making Charlotte's life a misery. But by now Otto and Charlotte's 'fake' relationship seems to be developing into something a little more seriousa€b and how will Mark, and Otto's ex, Jen, feel about that?A medley of bracelets circled her wrists, silver bangles, chains with charms, coloured beads; more beads around her neck, like those the sadhus wore, along with silver pendants and curious talismans of wood, shell and stone. This was not the most marked difference, ... didna#39;t make her look less pretty a€” on the contrary, it added something, gave her strength. a#39;I am different, a#39; Jen said. a#39;How could I not be?

Title:The Stranger
Author:Sarah Singleton
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-03-31


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