The Structure and Function of Plastids

The Structure and Function of Plastids

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The very origin of the plastid is clouded in mystery, these other, important functions worthy of attention. eventhoughtheevidenceisclearthatthewidediversity An astonishing feature of this volume is the phen- of plastids is a historical consequence resulting from a enal amount of research that has been done over the single event, in which an evolving eukaryotic cell cap- past several decades to understand these other, n- tured a photosynthetic prokaryotic cell. The product photosynthetic plastid functions. of this eventa€”all algae and plants, the primary pro- It has been almost 40 years since John T. O. Kirk and ducers in all ecosystemsa€”was one of the major out- Richard A. E. Tilney-Bassett published the ?rst c- comes of evolution. Core metabolic processes such as prehensive treatment of plastid biology: a€œThe Plastids: amino acid and fatty acid synthesis, and the ability to Their Chemistry, Structure, Growth and Inheritancea€, synthesizesecondaryproductssuchascarotenoids, en- 1967, W. H. Freeman. Whilephotosynthesisandchlo- zyme cofactors and antioxidants, were provided by the plasts (and indeed each of the topics covered in this prokaryotic endosymbiont. ATP formation via oxida- volume) have received their due attention in the en- tive phosphorylation was provided by another, earlier ingfourdecades, nosinglevolumehasbroughttogether endosymbiont. The principal contributions of the eu- theamazingvarietyofplastidtypesandtheremarkable karyotic nucleus, which was derived from an Archean diversity of plastid functions.The gradual conversion from endosymbiont to organelle during the course of evolution has clearly been accompanied by a dramatic reduction in genome size as the chloroplasts lost most of their genes to the nucleus and became dependentanbsp;...

Title:The Structure and Function of Plastids
Author:Robert R. Wise, J. Kenneth Hoober
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-09-13


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