The Study of Programming Languages

The Study of Programming Languages

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For one-semester, senior/graduate-level courses in Programming Languages. Rigorous, thorough, and foundational, this text reveals the character of programming languages as a field of study and explores some of the interesting, important, and conceptually more challenging topics that are often ignored by other texts on the subject.A response to the difficulties in understanding subprocedures using call-by- reference is the parameter-passing ... Yet the programming language C uses call -by-value exclusively. ... Ada uses call-by-result for the out parameters in the subprocedure below. procedure roots (a, b, c: FLOAT; r1, r2: out FLOAT) is d: constant FLOAT := math.sqrt (b**2.0 ... Their initial values are undefined by the language.

Title:The Study of Programming Languages
Author:Ryan Stansifer
Publisher: - 1995


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