The Suburban Chicken

The Suburban Chicken

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With more and more city dwellers and suburbanites embracing the notion of getting back to basics and living simpler, more rustic lives, ita€™s no surprise that the popularity of backyard chicken keeping has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether for enjoyment as pets or for the convenience of farm-fresh eggs right outside your door, chicken keeping can be an easy and fun step on the road to more sustainable, ecologically friendly living. Written by self-taught homesteader Kristina Urquhart, The Suburban Chicken shares the authora€™s knowledge on general chicken husbandry, profiles of 20 suitable breeds for suburban living, how to provide your birds with optimal accommodations, and the healthcare needs of chickens, among other important topics about which prospective chicken owners should be familiar. INSIDE SUBURBAN CHICKEN: a€cThe benefits and enjoyment of keeping chickens as pets. a€cConsiderations for would-be chicken keepers, including local ordinances, space requirements, initial and ongoing expenses, and preparing the home and family. a€cFavorite standard-size, bantam, and egg-laying breeds for metropolitan and family living. a€cHatching eggs and raising chicks. a€cCoop styles and descriptions of all equipment that a budding chicken keeper needs, as well as a chapter dedicated to keeping chickens safe from predators. a€cPreventive care and optimal diets for healthy, hardy birds. a€cRaising chickens for eggs: the science behind egg production, how to properly handle and store fresh eggs, and the differences between store-bought and homegrown eggs, as well as some exciting recipes for your bounty.Other watering options include chicken fountains (made of PVC pipe), automatic fountains that continuously cycle ... There are even brightly glazed ceramic waterers and feeders available for purchase that make fancy garden accessories.

Title:The Suburban Chicken
Author:Kristina Urquhart
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2015-11-10


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