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The entire 2013 collection of writings from Sunez, the Executive Editor of Works from a true Hip Hop writer, an element of Hip Hop that blends Creative Writing, Journalistic coverage and Historical analysis. Art on Art is the science of covering this Hip Hop counterculture. Featuring exclusive coverage and person to person interviews of this decades best artists from Hell Razah of Sunz of Man/Thug Angelz, Kool G Rap, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 and Phillie of the Wisemen, Ka, Napoleon da Legend, Spit Gemz, Woodenchainz, Shake Cee, Darkim Be Allah a Fame Labs, Zagnif Nori a Noble Scity Crew, Shaz Illyork, Starvin B, Cyrus Malachi a the Triple Darkness Crew, Killah Priest, O7 a Sinnagi of Undeniable, A-Alikes, Tragic Allies and more...I guess when he hears Nas, he dona#39;t hear the wordplay. Ia#39;ve felt ... At one point you wanted to be considered the best lyricist ever with the amount of information you could get out in three minutes. A lot of ... Like a#39;Please, Please, Pleasea#39; [laughs ] Now I love the record but hea#39;s not giving you the same amount of lyrics that youa#39; re hearing on a€œMy Philosophy.a€ At one ... Darkim leads lyrically with flawless pacing, piercing visuals and an insight that you have to read about now to understandanbsp;...

Publisher:Edward Sunez Rodriguez for Moon Soul Books - 2014-07-22


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