The Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire

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New revised edition, updated and expanded. His Majesty the Spitfire. This plane is a legend of the air, a real brand, and its image is inextricably linked to the British victory in the Battle of Britain. It is one of the few, perhaps the only one, whose name evokes some images even at a profane things aviation history. Excellent defensive machine, heavily armed, very agile, fast uphill. His victory against the archenemy Bf-109 was nevertheless a worthy final of his career war, at least considering the GM II: the early Bf-109E against Spit Mk I to the last Bf-109K against Spit Mk XIV, and thousands thousands of aerial combat have left a very wide literature and many memories from the pilots, often become aces such as Jonnie Johnson, or Adolph Galland, who in turn was shot down by a Spitfire belonging to 303 Sq. June 21 1941. The Spitfire is not a single plane with various changes and improvements, but a complete family of aircraft that he was a bit 'all roles and has adapted to not less than 10 years of technology evolution, from the first Spitfire with their 1, 000 hp Merlin engines and propellers bipala, the last with the Griffon from over 2, 000 hp and 5-bladed propellers metal or even two counter-blade propeller. Propellers and engines that alone weighed about the same as the Spitfire Mk I. Admired and envied even by enemies, the aircraft was able to earn the respect and esteem of every front, the adventure stories of his pilots also fascinated contenders helping to enrich the prestige of the RAF which was considered the Arma Aerea for excellence.Operating the electric starter powered externally (replaced by model Mk.II on, from a cartridge explosive) the car was ready and the propeller was rapidly brought to full speed. Roll was quite easy, because the nose was relatively short anbsp;...

Title:The Supermarine Spitfire
Author:Mantelli - Brown - Kittel - Graf
Publisher:Edizioni R.E.I. - 2015-01-05


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