The Superpower Odyssey

The Superpower Odyssey

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The Superpower Odyssey: A Russian Perspective on Space Cooperation gives a complete picture of the superpower transition from competition to cooperation in space. This book covers the history of the first satellite launch through the early stages of the International Space Station, with the ApolloSoyuz mission in 1975 and the ShuttleMir missions of the 1990s in between. In 1985 alone, beginning with Mikhail Gorbachevs perestroika, there were nearly 100 joint space projects involving government and private sector parties. The book shows how Soviet/Russian and U.S. relations as well as internal political and economic developments in both countries influenced bilateral space cooperation. The Superpower Odyssey: A Russian Perspective on Space Cooperation effectively explains how competition and cooperation were critical in determining the space policies of today. The Russian perspective of this book makes it a unique contribution to the field of space history.Among problems on the U.S. side that contributed to cost growth in 1998, Chabrow and Li mentioned the U.S. laboratory ... that had been extended by software and hardware problems, and the development of the crew return vehicle (CRV).

Title:The Superpower Odyssey
Author:Yuri Y. Karash
Publisher:AIAA - 1999


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