The Superwoman's Survival Guide

The Superwoman's Survival Guide

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Just when you think you have everything under control, a situation presents itself that you couldna€™t have foreseen or prepared for. Thata€™s life. Ita€™s how you choose to react to the situation that defines you. We have all heard the phrase a€œexpect the unexpected.a€ The a€œunexpecteda€ can range from a broken high heel on your way to an important meeting to having to fashion a waterproof shelter in the middle of a downpour. From her years as an A-list Hollywood stuntwoman and expert survivalist, Ky Furneaux is no stranger to the unexpected, and her a€™tude has been key to her survivala€”and thriving success. In The Superwoman's Survival Guide, Ky draws upon her career of risking life and limb in extreme situations to inspire and empower women in whatever situation they may find themselves, whether ita€™s on a city street or out in the wilderness. Throughout the book, Ky explains the power of brain versus brawn and how a cool-headed woman is often more effective in a complicated situation than a big guy with a gun. Kya€™s guide is a collection of essential life advice, combined with tricks, lessons, facts, and anecdotes that can help women get over their fear and panic. The Superwoman's Survival Guide shows women how to adopt a fearless attitude that can help them through all life experiences. It will empower women to feel confident and prepared so that they know what to do when all hell breaks loose.Snakes are edible, but ita#39;s not worth the risk of catching them first. It takes ... plants . If the idea ofkilling yourown food andperhaps eating itraw ismore than you canbear, then never fear. There are a lot of edible plants to choose from. The otheranbsp;...

Title:The Superwoman's Survival Guide
Author:Ky Furneaux
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-11-20


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