The Synergistic Life Style

The Synergistic Life Style

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The harsh reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it has been traumatic for the Israelis as well. But before we can evaluate the possibility of peace in the Middle East, we must understand the facts. Author Alan B. Katz defends the Israeli cause by revealing its side of the story. Beyond the headlines and talking heads lies a complex reality that the media studiously avoid. The Israelis are not the monsters that journalists have made them out to be. Indeed, qmore sinned against than sinning, q they are a compassionate, fair, and law-abiding nation who have faced far more pain and desolation than the world has been led to believe. With no wish to seek a public relations victory, the Israelis let nature take its course. In Fighting Back: Letters from the Diaspora, Mr. Katz humanizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to show the sacrifices, pain, and courage of the Israelis, and exposes the hypocrisy of the media and the true nature of the Palestinians. Through a series of letters to the editor and personal essays, Katz delves into the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and brings a deeply human element to the images the world views on television. Fighting Back: Letters from the Diaspora is a timely contribution to the events happening in the Middle East today and brings a perspective sorely lacking in the current debate.My current 1998 Cadillac Deville Concours was purchased with 25, 000 miles on it at 70% of the cost for a 2000 model. The Northstar engine is still going strong at 112, 000 miles, and I anticipate reaching 150, 000 miles without any problem. We learned the hard way that new ... After graduating from college, we owned a Chevrolet Super Sport, then a Pontiac Grand Prix. Then we started on our program toanbsp;...

Title:The Synergistic Life Style
Author:Ron Travis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-11-01


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