The Tale of Gordo

The Tale of Gordo

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After many years of a€˜researcha€™ and a€˜on the job traininga€™ in dog behavior, Ia€™ve become aware that there is, truly, a sea of parables, quotes, jokes and expressions acknowledging the marvelous fealty credited between dogs and man. Oh, sure, there are the exceptions and they receive extensive press and replay. Maybe, as they should. Thata€™s a deep question and one Ia€™m not interested in exploring at this time. But all of this brings to mind my love of Gordo and his independence from me and yet his acceptance of me. Ia€™m not proud of all my actions with Gordo...most of the negative driven by my own learned or inherent demons. We learned to accept each othera€™s foibles, but, in the end, fourteen years after our joined odyssey began, Gordo and I had learned to love and forgive all else. And thata€™s the greatest lesson achieved by Coleman, the guy who wrote and compiled this mini-epic.We decided on downtown Los Angeles and purchased a small but cute Tudor style house; 700 sq.ft., one bedroom, one bath, a large living room with arched ... I was always inaquandary asto whetherornotI should paint over their graffiti.

Title:The Tale of Gordo
Author:Coleman White
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-06-20


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