The Talk Show Murders

The Talk Show Murders

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Al Roker returns with his most tantalizing mystery to datea€”as celebrity chef turned sleuth Billy Blessing finds his plate full of danger and secrets from his long-buried past threaten to make a comeback. Before Billy Blessing was tapped to co-host the morning show Wake Up, America!, the celebrity chef lived a totally different life under a very different identity: as wily con man Billy Blanchard. Caught trying to run a scam on a shady Detroit businessman, Billy did time for his crimes, and has successfully kept that part of his past covered up ever since. But when Eddie Patton, a nosy ex-cop with a long memory, tries to blackmail him, Billy may have to pay up or to see the embarrassing truth blogcast to the world. And when Patton winds up dead, ita€™s just the first in a string of killings that has Americaa€™s most beloved TV host scrambling for clues and desperate to clear his name. Throw in a budding romance with a visiting movie star, and Billy Blessing may have finally gotten himself into one sticky situation even he cana€™t talk his way out of. a€œGreat fun! Al pulls back the curtain to reveal what really goes on when the cameras go off.a€a€”Harlan Coben a€œGreat fun, full of nifty twists and turns.a€a€”Carl Hiaasen a€œAn engaging performance . . . The Talk Show Murders has all the charm and depth of a network morning show. The characters are pithy and colorful.a€a€”Mystery Scene a€œAs well-paced and thoughtfully prepared as an Alice Waters tasting menu.a€a€”Kirkus Reviews a€œFor fans old and new, The Talk Show Murders is a book not to pass up.a€a€”The Philadelphia Tribuneperfect touch, a battered backpack, and made an incognito escape from my hotel room, down the elevator, to a basic gray two-door Ford Fiesta in the hotela#39;s subbasement. From there I had no problem driving to North Sedgwick Street in Oldanbsp;...

Title:The Talk Show Murders
Author:Al Roker, Dick Lochte
Publisher:Delacorte Press - 2011-12-06


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