The Tangled Web

The Tangled Web

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In Germany in the early 1930s the Nazis began rounding up Jews and other undesirables for deportation to concentration camps. The most expensive diamonds were confiscated from these prisoners and shipped to a large collection center south of Berlin. Thirty-six Jewish concentration camp jewelers are assigned the task of appraising these gemstones, that would be used as collateral for Hitlera€™s prosecution of the war. A Yank, a Brit and a band of German patriots devise an audacious scheme to retake the greatest concentration of diamonds in the world. The plana€™s success is threatened, however, when the groupa€™s leader suspects a traitor in their midst, turning the mission into a tangled web of intrigue and betrayal.The highest shelf was a distance of two meters from the floor, muchtoo high for Helene Schellenberg to use or even reach. Occasionally ... a€œWe are going tostore theboxes of diamonds in the cellar ofa home I have rented in the country south of Dresden. ... a€œIt was too greata task to make theexchange in such a short time.

Title:The Tangled Web
Author:A. L. Provost
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-09-13


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