The Technology of Orgasm

The Technology of Orgasm

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The author explores hysteria in Western medicine throughout the ages and examines the characterization of female sexuality as a disease requiring treatment. Medical authorities, she writes, were able to defend and justify the clinical production of orgasm in women as necessary to maintain the dominant view of sexuality, which defined sex as penetration to male orgasm - a practice that consistently fails to produce orgasm in a majority of the female population. This male-centered definition of satisfying and healthy coitus shaped not only the development of concepts of female sexual pathology but also the instrumentation designed to cope with them.women do not have difficulty producing orgasm in themselves through masturbation, as Symons observes when he summarizes Kinseya#39;s and Hitea#39;s research reporting that most women, like most men, can masturbate to orgasm in a little overanbsp;...

Title:The Technology of Orgasm
Author:Rachel P. Maines
Publisher:JHU Press - 2001-03-01


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