The Teen with a Millionaire Mindset

The Teen with a Millionaire Mindset

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As a teen, I bet you have been told many times or, in your subconscious mind, you have the idea that having too much money is evil or bad. Then again, you might have heard people talk about how only the mean and bad guys have all the money or that money is not easy to come by. Have you, however, wondered why most of the grown-ups you know have become given-ups? Have you noticed the frustrations that most adults are going through living average lives? Truth is, your own mindset can make or break you. The society and the environment in which we find ourselves have succeeded in making the majority of people think there is barely enough and have programmed people to live in mediocrity. As a young person, are you prepared to tow this line or are you prepared to change your mindset, to shift your consciousness and awareness to abundance? This book throws light on how most minds are untapped and exposes the hidden capabilities of the young millionaire's mind. Do you want to set your mental frequency to abundance? It is your rightful position in life. qMillionaires are made, not bornq (Laura Lyseight). Once you start thinking right at this stage in your life, the rest will be history because you will surely make your millions and even billions. qYou are only young once and if you work it right, once is enoughq (Joe E. Lewis).In her business school, she was required to create a business plan; before she knew, one thing became another and she was entered into the ... Her company, Popsy Cakes, has a website that is doing very well in spite of the recession. She isanbsp;...

Title:The Teen with a Millionaire Mindset
Author:Laura Lyseight
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-01


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