The Tent Camper’s Handbook

The Tent Camper’s Handbook

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Recreational camping in developed state and national park campgrounds is one of the most popular summer recreational activities. Many tent camping trips are fun and problem-free, but a significant number face some type of unexpected problem. In The Tent Campera€™s Handbook, author Frazier M. Douglass IV presents a guide to help campers plan and execute dryer, warmer, and more comfortable camping trips. Drawing from more than forty years of camping experience, Douglass offers methodical pointers to facilitate economical and enjoyable camping outings. The Tent Campera€™s Handbook presents hundreds of details to help campers buy the most comfortable tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and camping gear. He offers tips for assembling and packing kitchen gear, tool bags, first-aid kits, bathing kits, and personal grooming kits. This guide also includes dozens of useful suggestions for finding the best camping destinations, making reservations, packing gear into small cars, setting up campsites, setting up kitchen flies, starting campfires, performing camp chores, cooking tasty meals, sleeping well, avoiding injury and discomfort, respecting the environment, and enjoying the experience. A valuable resource for both novice and veteran campers, The Tent Campera€™s Handbook details a fresh approach to basic tent camping that emphasizes comfort and convenience.I typically do not pack an extra tarp because I use a fleece blanket to cover the floor of my tent and do not need a tarp for any ... One time I got a small hole in my tent canopy netting, but I was able to use it the rest of the trip and repair it with aanbsp;...

Title:The Tent Camper’s Handbook
Author:Frazier M. Douglass IV
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-07-19


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