The The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition

The The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition

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This extended special edition of Mark Lewisohn's magisterial book Tune In is a true collector's item, featuring hundreds of thousands of words of extra material, as well as many extra photographs. It is the complete, uncut and definitive biography of the Beatles' early years, from their family backgrounds through to the moment they're on the cusp of their immense breakthrough at the end of 1962. The ebook of the extended special edition comes in two parts, mirroring the two hardbacks that make up the deluxe print edition. Each part is sold separately and this is Part Two, taking the story from the aftermath of Hamburg and their growing impact in Liverpool to the end of 1962. Readers wishing to buy the whole extended special edition of Tune In in ebook should be sure to buy Part One and Part Two. Mark Lewisohn's biography is the first true and accurate account of the Beatles, a contextual history built upon impeccable research and written with energy, style, objectivity and insight. This extended special edition is for anyone who wishes to own the complete story in all its stunning and extraordinary detail. This is, genuinely and without question, the lasting word from the world-acknowledged authority.A small news report in the4August MelodyMaker said: Sheridanand the Beatleshave cutSwanee River/You AreMy ... a€“not only was it wrong, but, since theBeatles had signedtoEMI, any reference to the earlier contract wasa potential problem. ... it wasWarners who madethefirstbig splash bygiving the Everlysa tenyeardeal guaranteeing themwhat Billboard atthe ... Mersey Beat (14 June 1962) stated that Vicky Woods didna#39;t return to England but stayed in France, having accepted anotheranbsp;...

Title:The The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition
Author:Mark Lewisohn
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-11-14


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