The Thermogenic Diet

The Thermogenic Diet

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Most people assume that all calories are the same - the calories written on the side of a box of cereal directly equate to the amount of energy that is available to our bodies, however this is not the case.'The Thermogenic Diet' explains that all calories arena€™t the same and by making changes to the types of food we eat, we can help our bodies burn fat more effectively. The diet is based on the thermogenic effect of food a€“ that is, the heat created in the process of digesting food. As you eat, food must go through a number of steps to break down, become absorbed, and metabolised. Effectively, it is the combustion process that our body undertakes when digesting food, a little like how the engine in your car works. But our bodies are not perfect engines. The energy produced from the combustion of a food is not the same as the amount of energy that is available to our body. This is the concept of a€˜metabolisable energya€™, or the difference between the energy from the food we eat and the energy left after digestion and metabolism.'The Thermogenic Diet' will show you how to alter your diet to make the most of the thermogenic effect. Recipes, goal setting, detailed charts and graphs, questionnaires, weight loss tips and much more are also included to help set you on your weight loss journey.Learn How Food Can Do the Heard Work of Weight Loss John Jones ... the right mix of carbohydrates and protein in your diet can help you to stay fuller, control cravings and improve your metabolism. ... Research into the thermogenic effect of food shows that, as a general rule, the less processed the food, the greater theanbsp;...

Title:The Thermogenic Diet
Author:John Jones
Publisher:Exisle Publishing - 2012


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