The Third Wife

The Third Wife

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On her wedding night, seventeen-year-old Anna Langtry stole her husband's car and fled into the darkness, racing toward freedom. She felt only desperation to escape the nightmare of her Colorado homea€”an isolated rural community that condoned her forced polygamous marriage to become one man's third wife. Fifteen years later, Anna is working as a federal probation officer in Denver. A fighter for the underdog, even she cannot escape the cynicism of her profession. She doesn't expect much from her newest parolee, just the usual sob story about being innocent and misunderstood. But Joe Mackenzie is different. A white-collar criminal convicted of embezzlement, Joe is tough, quiet, determineda€band innocent. Now he's looking for justice. And he's about to pull Anna into his world, one that will lead her back to the past she'd left behinda€”one that will reach out to ensnare them both in its dangerous secrets and deadly schemes, where the passion between them is threatened by the grim reach of murder.Hehadfilled only one drawerinthe chest with socks and underwear, andtheshelf onthewall opposite his bed contained all his personal ... thefactthat thetowels were threadbare, andthe sink socoveredinrust stains thatitwould never come clean, however hard hescrubbed. ... Add in toothpaste, on sale witha free toothbrush, disposable razors, shaving cream, deodorant andthe cheapestbottle of shampoo heanbsp;...

Title:The Third Wife
Author:Jasmine Cresswell
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-07-15


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