The Thrill of the Haunt

The Thrill of the Haunt

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Alison Kerbya€™s guesthouse is already crowded with spirits. The last thing she needs is a whole new batch of haunts settling in. As Alisona€™s reputation as a€œthe ghost ladya€ grows, so does her businessa€”and not always in a way shea€™d like. Tourists may be flocking to her guesthouse for a chance to glimpse her resident spirits, but her special abilities are also bringing unwanted private investigation cases to her door. And she has no choice but to take a case when the local homeless man is found murdered under mysterious circumstances, just hours after asking for help in exorcising a specter. If that werena€™t enough to deal with, Alisona€™s other PI case soon turns fatal, as the mistress she was spying on for a jealous wife turns up dead as well. The cases seem like they couldna€™t possibly be linked, but with a mountain of clues, motives and suspectsa€”both living and deada€”Alison will have to think fast before someone else checks out for gooda€bI hadna#39;t mentioned that it involved a visit to the bathroom where he died, and I hadna#39;t said anything about our standing in the mud looking through a window that Marv had repaired. (This time ... I measured horizontally, vertically and diagonally and wrotethe dimensions on my arm in ink. ... More accurately, there wouldna#39;t have been any difficulty, if there hadna#39;t beenacheap slat blind hangingin front oftheanbsp;...

Title:The Thrill of the Haunt
Author:E.J. Copperman
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-11-05


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