The Time of Christ's Return Revealed - Revised Edition

The Time of Christ's Return Revealed - Revised Edition

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This is the real thing! If you want to know when Jesus Christ will return to reign as LORD over all the earth, this book will tell you. The book is controversial because it is unique. The time given directly from the Bible is distant, unlike the majority of current views expounding the theory that the time of Christa€™s return is imminent in their lifetime. Multiple witnesses of scripture are used to provide Biblical evidence for definite timing of events. The book of Daniel gives the number of years between when the second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD until the Lord builds the Millennial Temple. Daniel also tells us the number of days it will take the Lord to replace the third Temple with the Millennial Temple. In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us when He will build the Millennial Temple. Many witnesses throughout the Bible, including the book of Joshua, each confirm the same timing of events. The Church is given truth with the goal of increasing The Kingdom of God. The cause of problems and their effects are revealed along with a solution. Those who have ears to hear will do more than just listen. 523 page count 37 black and white imagesReferences used: 1. TBN Perry Stone 2. Hebrew calendar; from the Internet 3. Gregorian calendar; Encarta 98 Encyclopedia 4. The Nelson Study Bible ~ NKJV 5. The Ultimate Bible Reference Library. Thomas Nelson. 10. 12. On CDa€“ ROM.

Title:The Time of Christ's Return Revealed - Revised Edition
Author:Charles P. Pierce
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08-31


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