The Toddler Bistro

The Toddler Bistro

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Based on the most current nutritional information available, this accessible reference offers new mothers a fresh approach to feeding a toddler. More than a how-to guide, this unique handbook offers innovative elementsa€”from whimsical illustrations to clever recipe names. Colorful devices and asidesa€”a€œfoolish fats, a€ a€œfunky fruits, a€ and a€œmeat monstersa€a€”call attention to special topics, making them easy to remember. Assisting parents in developing an approach to food that is easy, organized, and fun, this study offers helpful tips through entertaining features such as a€œBistro Basicsa€ and a€œChefa€™s Secrets.a€ Focusing on the age range of one to three yearsa€”when new foods and tastes are typically introduceda€”this survey also includes tips and tricks for quick shopping, easy recipes, and nutrient and supplement needs. Blending the basics of good nutrition with expert advice and guidance, this comprehensive manual is ideal for both the working and stay-at-home mom.Trans fats Breast-feeding moms, all toddlers, and everyone else should completely avoid or at least minimize eating this type offat. Partially hydrogenated trans fats are commercially altered fats that make oils more stable and increase fooda#39;sanbsp;...

Title:The Toddler Bistro
Author:Christina Schmidt
Publisher:Bull Publishing Company - 2009-09-01


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