The Toilet Book: What Goes In Matters

The Toilet Book: What Goes In Matters

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The Toilet Book attempts to shed light on a topic that most people are too embarrassed to discuss, bowel movements and urination. The book bridges the gap between going to the restroom and good health. It describes all the different colors, smells, looks, and shapes they may see after using the restroom. The book also describes exactly what each color, smell, shape, look, etc. means as it relates to human health. The Toilet Book gives readers information what type of behavior causes unhealthy urinary and digestive systems. It also provides easy steps to take towards improving both systems. Since the topic of discussion can be a bit intimidating or embarrassing to some, the book attempts as much humor as possible. The chapter titles are creative and there is just the right mix of playfulness mixed in with a topic that is more serious than some tend to realize. Overall, after a reader has finished this book they should have an understanding of how things we eat and drink get from plates and cups all the way to the toilet. We should also understand that what shows up in the toilet after using the restroom can tell all lot about onea€™s health. Lastly, they will also understand how the toilet and using the rest room is related to weight loss, cancer, and high cholesterol. The Toilet Book's sole purpose is to remove the embarrassment behind discussing words like bowel movement, defecation, feces, poop, pee, urination, #1 and #2 while educating in a fun way at the same time. I hope readers will gain insight on their current health behavior and make changes if needed to improve their overall health Keywords: Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness, Bowel Movement, Urination, Toilet, Weight Loss, FoodWhen you exercise or your body temperature rises, ADH is affected about as much as when you drink alcohol, but in a ... Overall though, PCP and marijuana stay in your system the longest which can be as little as week or as long as a month.

Title:The Toilet Book: What Goes In Matters
Author:Charles Austin
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2015-06-15


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