The Transgender Paradox: To Be Oneself

The Transgender Paradox: To Be Oneself

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Comprehensive analysis and case-study by a medically diagnosed Transsexual who completed gender reassignment surgery. An honest account of what life was like growing up with Gender Identity Disorder. Photographs are included, showing progress including earlier stages as a child. Raised Christian causing greater feelings of guilt as most religous groups continue to be in disbelief of the validity of this condition and proper treatment. The author has embraced the challenge to help educate the general public and calm their fears. Gender-Identity-Disorder is a very serious and potentially disabling condition. Experiencing first hand, the severity of losing ones own identity, then to write a book about the experience is extremely Rare. The author was married with children adding to the complexity. This study covers the Social, Medical, Spiritual and Philosophical aspects of gender change, offering hope for anyone who is transgender, homosexual or seeking gender reasignmentThough my mother did not encourage cross dressing, she allowed me to play with her shoes, some of her old dolls, and ... If I would have had the Barbie clothes, I certainly would have put them on Ken just to make do with a less than perfectanbsp;...

Title:The Transgender Paradox: To Be Oneself
Author:Amy Mueller - 2012-04-01


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