The Transmogrification of Sydney Pellegrini

The Transmogrification of Sydney Pellegrini

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When Pliv, who claimed to be a qBulgarian, q appeared in that travel agency office in 1993, no one could have predicted that Sydney would fall in love with him, or, more incredibly, he with her. From the start, Pliv was, let's say, different. For openers, he dressed like a doofus, didn't feel pain, and never seemed to eat. Also, he spoke perfect English but read at the first grade level. All Pliv wanted was someone to escort him to five U.S. cities in five days. The bizarre events that followed changed everyone. Forever. It seems safe to theorize that after reading The Transmogrification of Sydney Pellegrini, readers will begin to regard their microwave display panel as neither clock nor timer.... and Pliv, anda€”everything.a€ a€œWell, you asked him not to tell anyone, didna#39;t you?a€ a€œOh, of course I did. And he wona#39;t, I know it.a€ I looked at her checkbook again. Guys, a€ I said, a€œhow much did the wheelchair cost?a€ Syd looked at the Walkman.

Title:The Transmogrification of Sydney Pellegrini
Author:Marlie Moses
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-07


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