The Treasure of the Golden God

The Treasure of the Golden God

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Thornton and Belmont embark on an adventure to find the lost city of El Dorado. excerptqWhat do you make of those?q Thornton asked, as he tossed two bits of shining yellow metal upon the table. Belmont, the mining engineer, picked up the objects and examined them curiously. They were obviously gold; thin, crescent-shaped; perhaps two inches in length by an inch in width, and with small eyes or rings at the points of the crescents.qThey're gold of course, q he replied. qIndian ornaments of some sort, I should say.qqYes, you're right both times, q laughed Thornton. qBut do you realize that you are holding something which no white man since Raleigh's day has ever seen? Those things, Frank, are the 'gold moons' that Sir Walter Raleigh reported having seen in the noses of Guiana Indians.qqJove, is that so!q exclaimed the other. qDiscovered a lost tribe, eh? Bully for you. What were they, freaks, cannibals or Amazons?qqNeither, q declared the explorer, who had recently returned from months in the interior of Guiana and Brazil, and who was dining with his old college chum.qThe people who wore these, q he continued, qare quite ordinary in as far as appearances go. But they prove that Raleigh was right, and, this is what may interest you, the tribe that uses the moons has a secret, unlimited supply of gold.qqWhat?q cried the engineer, instantly interested. qI suppose you mean that they have a rich placer mine. Now you're talking business, old man.qqI thought that would wake you up, q laughed the explorer. qI can't say as to the placer. Did you ever hear of El Dorado and the City of Manoa?qaquot;Cana#39;t go any further, aquot; announced Thornton, aquot;and lfor one wona#39;t be sorry to stretch my legs ashore. ... And ita#39;s not a long walk to the first Taruma village. ... Take only a sip if you cana#39;t stomach anymore. ... And how in thunder they manage those loads, beats me. ... hour later, the conical-roofed houses of the village were in sight, showing clearly against a dark background of heavy forest a mile beyond them.

Title:The Treasure of the Golden God
Author:A. Hyatt Verrill
Publisher:eStar Books - 2012-01-01


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