The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

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Can a child understand the Bible-the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation? Author Lisa Garcia shows readers how to connect the dots of the events in the Bible with her unique storybook, The Tree of Life: From the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem. Through the use of narrative and illustrations, The Tree of Life presents a unified story of God's plan of salvation. Readers who otherwise might be intimidated by an overview of the Bible will find The Tree of Life vivid, informative, and easy to understand. What an incredible tool to teach our children. The Tree of Life: From the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem does not simply explain Bible stories, but rather the story of the Bible. With this book Lisa Garcia has furnished an on-ramp, previously unavailable, into understanding the Bible. The Tree of Life should be a staple in our children's spiritual enrichment. -Billy Humphrey, director of International House of Prayer, Atlanta, and author of The Culture of the KingdomHe called the men before him, asking, a€œIs it true that you refuse to bow before the gold image? Here is your final chance. When you hear the music play, you must bow down and worship the statue. If you do, fine. But, if not, you will immediately anbsp;...

Title:The Tree of Life
Author:Lisa Garcia
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010-05-25


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