The Tree That Wood Be: Nature's Remedies

The Tree That Wood Be: Nature's Remedies

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Once upon a time there was a tree named Ashby that lived in a meadow with eyes as blue as the sky and a nest top hat that his best friend Scarlet lived in. Ashby started out as a small apple seed and had grown into a large apple tree that gave the largest and sweetest from any of the other apple trees in the meadow. Scarlet was as red as the apples on Ashby's branches, with a crown of red feathers on top of her head and rose colored glasses, because through her eyes, her world was a beautiful place to live in. Ashby and Scarlet had been best friends for quite some time and their friendship meant a lot to each other. They could talk about anything to each other and they did every day. 1. Meet Ashby and Scarlet 2. Timmy Gets Sunburn and Discovers the Aloe Plant 3. Cranberry Crunch 4. Scarlet and Lavender 5. Saraa€™s Chamomile Tea Party 6. The Catnip Cure 7. The Secret of Sage 8. Ashbya€™s Natural Remedy RecipesThat will help stop the burning from your sunburn.a€ Timmy did as Ashby said, because all the children loved Ashby and his wisdom. Once he rubbed the aloe on his skin his skin began to feel cool and not hurt so much. a€œWow!a€ Timmyanbsp;...

Title:The Tree That Wood Be: Nature's Remedies
Author:Kym Kostos
Publisher:BookCountry - 2014-04-13


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