The Trick is in the Training

The Trick is in the Training

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(back cover) Canine qtricksq are showy extensions of a dog's natural behavior. Open this book and discover how training dogs to perform tricks enhances the bond between pet and owner and adds to playtime fun. This new edition shows you how to your train your pet to perform both simple and complicated tricks. After reviewing four basic commands--q sit, down, stand, and stay--qyou and your dog will progress to maneuvers that include --q jump through a hoop, weave through legs, balance a biscuit, --q and many others. You'll also get tips on putting your dog's training to use--just for fun, in competitive shows, and even for roles in films. Instructive how-to color photos and hundreds of practical tips will make training easier, both for you and for your pet. q New in this edition: A full chapter of brand-new tricks Filled with color photos qGLOSSARY Agility: an organized dog sport in which dogs negotiate a course comprised of jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles Bait ... a dog drooling over the meatloaf on the kitchen counter is in food drive Flyball: an organized dog sport in which teams of dogs relay ... slot machine a€” this expected payoff can keep a person gambling) Lure: food or a toy used as an enticement to get a dog to move into theanbsp;...

Title:The Trick is in the Training
Author:Stephanie J. Taunton, Cheryl S. Smith
Publisher:Barron's Educational Series - 2010


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