The True Stella Awards

The True Stella Awards

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Gathered from the popular website, The True Stella Awards is an outrageous collection of Americaa€™s most frivolous lawsuits Named for Stella Liebeck, the woman who won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after spilling hot McDonalda€™s coffee on herself, humorist Randy Cassinghama€™s popular website chronicles the hard-to-believe and amusing claims brought before the U.S.courts. The most ridiculous of these lawsuits are given the a€œhonorablea€ Stella Award. In The True Stella Awards, Cassingham documents the most outlandish of these real-life cases, including: * The man who legally changed his name to Jack Ass, and then sued MTV because their TV show and movie Jackass infringed on his trademark and demeaned his a€œgood namea€ * The songwriter who left a minutea€™s silence on his record only to be sued by the estate of another songwriter who copyrighted his own a€œsilenta€ song * The man who sued an amusement park after being the victim of the ultimate a€œact of Goda€: He was hit by lightning while standing next to his own car in the parking lot Stunning and hilarious, The True Stella Awards reveals the extremes people will go to in the pursuit of a€œjustice.a€Do they do it well? And how well do they work compared to competing products? For an early 2002 review of home air filters, CU bought sixteen air- filtering units from a number of sources, including an Ionic Breeze air purifier system fromanbsp;...

Title:The True Stella Awards
Author:Randy Cassingham
Publisher:Penguin - 2006-10-31


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