The Trustafarian Handbook

The Trustafarian Handbook

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For years, a moldy slice of the upper crust has been slumming it in disguise. Sitting on stoops, smoking up, and trying to blend in with the common broke folk by wearing worn-out jeans (though really stylishly distressed), drinking PBR (even though the family owns a vineyard), and not paying rent (thata€™s what parents are for). Meet the Trustafarian counter-counter-culture. These young men and women have gone from the country club to the community pool--by choice, to look cool. Theya€™ve adopted the free-spiritedness and outward appearance of the hippie, Rasta, and Bohemian sets . . . while retaining a few minor perks from their privileged upbringing, the 7-series, the summer home, and the money to burn. Inside, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Trustafarian culture--from information on their formative years to their fashion choices to their fornication rituals. Get the scoop on Impostafarians, Brohemians, Fauxlanthropists, and their kept, but unkempt brethren. And next time, youa€™ll be in the know rather than scratching your head when you see that homeless-looking guy hop into his brand-new Audi.It is just like telling your three-time National Dog Show, sponsored by Purina, best -in-show schnauzer that she needs to become feral. ... a€œIta#39;s too bad the only thing I a#39;m good at is being your son, and now you wona#39;t even let me do that!

Title:The Trustafarian Handbook
Author:Brian Griffin
Publisher:Adams Media - 2010-06-18


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