The Twe-Guide to TBRP

The Twe-Guide to TBRP

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Welcome to the Twitter RP multi-verse! Role play on Twitter is a unique blend of interactive fanfiction and collaborative storytelling that is popular with many fandoms. TBRP, or True Blood RP, is primarily (although not exclusively) created by fans of the paranormal television series TRUE BLOOD, the Sookie Stackhouse series of novels by Charlaine Harris or both. The information in the Twe-Guide to TBRP reveals how to use Twitter to enter this entertaining alternate universe where supernatural creatures including vampires, werewolves, witches, shape shifters, faeries and many other preternatural creatures exist alongside humans in a reality and time not so different from our own.The Twe-Guide to TBRP teaches fans, gamers and the curious the basics of using Twitter for role play including: setting up your first Twitter account for an RP character choosing a Twitter username and character playby developing storylines (SLs) interacting with others. In addition, author JC Hammond (better known as @TB_PamR) explores advanced topics that will help more advanced role players take their characters, SLs and RP to the next level as well as some of the legal issues they should be aware of. The information contained in the Twe-Guide to TBRP has grown from an initial qorientation speechq first tweeted to the members of a single RP family (group) in 2009 to a collection of articles known as Pam's Propriety Page and the first two editions of the Twe-Guide to this expanded third edition through personal experience, observation and input from other prolific Twitter RPers. If you are unfamiliar with RP, this is the place to start. Unlike traditional RPG or role playing games, RP does not require multi-sided dice, complex character sheets or an extensive set of rules. In fact, much of the role play found on Twitter is qperformed liveq and is text-based improvisation. All you need to participate is an Internet connection, a Twitter account and some imagination. As with any hobby, there are some commonly used standards for behavior, terms and tools that can confuse the uninitiated. This Twe-Guide helps dispel some of the mystery and confusion around TBRP and get new players started quickly while avoiding some of the hurdles and pitfalls common to newcomers. TBRP is a dynamic and diverse universe. Things can change rapidly or so subtly that it just seems that way. That's why Twe-Guide to TBRP readers will also get access to a special private section of the RolePlayWriter blog where they will find even more information and resources as well as characters and SLs that welcome or are actively seeking new players to role play with. This is not a companion book to either the TRUE BLOOD or the Sookie Stackouse/Southern Vampire Mystery series. It is an exploration of how truebies, inspired by the wonderful work of Charlaine Harries and Alan Ball, not to mention the amazing cast and crew of the original HBO series, dynamically create and share content using Twitter. Whether you just discovered TBRP or are a fan or gamer watching the storylines and interactions of RP characters wondering how to get more involved, the Twe-Guide to TBRP is for you. Come join the fun! We don't bite...well some of us do, but only if you ask us to!The information contained in the Twe-Guide to TBRP has grown from an initial aquot;orientation speechaquot; first tweeted to the members of a single RP family (group) in 2009 to a collection of articles known as Pama#39;s Propriety Page and the first two ...

Title:The Twe-Guide to TBRP
Author:J. Hammond
Publisher: - 2013-10-26


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