The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten

The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten

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A small town... a plucky heroine, a shiny vampire, and a hunky Native American rival with a secret. But all is not as it seems in Lake Woebegotten. Let Harrison Geillor reveal what lies beneath the seemingly placid surface. You'll Laugh. We promise. When Bonnie Grayduck relocates from sunny Santa Cruz California to the small town of Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota, to live with her estranged father, chief of the local two-man police department, she thinks she's leaving her troubles behind. But she soon becomes fascinated by another student a€” the brooding, beautiful Edwin Scullen, whose reclusive family hides a terrible secret. (Psst: they're actually vampires. But they're the kind who don't eat people, so it's okay.) Once Bonnie realizes what her new lover really is, she isn't afraid. Instead, she sees potential. Because while Bonnie seems to her friends and family to be an ordinary, slightly clumsy, easily-distracted girl, she's really manipulative, calculating, power hungry, and not above committing murder to get her way a€” or even just to amuse herself. This is a love story about monsters... but the vampire isn't the monster.Ia#39;d been expecting a beatup old pickup, possibly with thevague stink of pigmanure clinging to it... but this...the thing was almost as big as a ... a€œIta#39;s a 1938 Ford V8 one a and half ton MarmonHerrington, a€ Harry said, getting out of the car and beckoning for me to follow. ... Your mom said you could drive a manual, but this one.

Title:The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten
Author:Harrison Geillor
Publisher:Start Publishing LLC - 2011-10-01


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