The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

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Illustrated throughout with photomicrographs, and complete with a reproducible form for documenting specimens, an in-depth guide explains how to put bugs, water, food, plants and pollen, and even parts of the body (like fingernails) under the scope for a close-up glimpse while also explaining how to identify the microscope's different pieces and how to focus properly. Original.While the color of a persona#39;s hair doesna#39;t factor into his or her survival, animals have coverings that serve a purpose. ... Polar bears have black skin, which absorbs heat, and whitish fur, which camouflages the bear. ... Some dogs, such as poodles, have hair that is quite curly. Other breeds of dogs, such as Dalmatians, have short, straight hair. ... thicker compared with the cortex than it is in humans. Some animals, such as sheep, have no medulla at all. Cat hair x400. Dog hair x400.

Title:The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope
Author:Shar Levine, Leslie Johnstone
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2008


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