The Ultimate Motor

The Ultimate Motor

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In history, there have been people who have invented machines that would have and should have changed the course of history. Sidney is one of those people. Because of the inventions he developed as an electrical engineer, Sidney is able to found a security company that is the darling of the industry. With success came the ability to pursue his childhood dreams, and Sidney loves race cars. He hires a bright and promising young driver named Ricky, and he quickly decides to groom Ricky to help him market a new invention: The Ultimate Motor. He knows that there will be forces that will fight his efforts to get his motor to market. But he has a plan to market the motor to small specific groups of people who can easily afford to pay any price for a motor that produces plenty of horsepower and uses no source of fuel. This industry-changing design features an electromagnetic turbine that produces 500 horsepower and a whole new set of performance characteristics that the internal combustion simply does not have the capability to deliver. The only thing that stands between Sidney and unlimited success is a powerful consortium of ruthless people madmen who will stop at nothing to keep his new design from going to market.a€œHere, a€ he said handing me his card again, a€œyou can get me at this number at any time, because I figure that there are ... a€œIa#39;ll tell you how important this invention is, a€ he was answering a question from one of the reporters, a€œtonight, I was offered one billion dollars for all rights to this invention. Think about that for a minute, there are not very many people that could write a check for a billion dollars and if youanbsp;...

Title:The Ultimate Motor
Author:John Parker
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-08


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