The Ultimate Online Dating Guide

The Ultimate Online Dating Guide

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What Makes The Ultimate Online Dating Book Different from Other Books on this Subject? The Ultimate Online Dating Guide: Secrets of How Savvy Women Find Great Matches has a unique twist that sets this book apart from others of its type. Ms. MacGowan came to the conclusion that many of the shortcomings that exist in Internet dating can be resolved by using proven business techniques from the recruiting and hiring of workers. Her skills in attracting the right mate or the right talent are enhanced with extensive background in human resource and skills as a journalist. The Ultimate Online Dating Guide modifies the recruitment tools from business into an easy-to-use guide for qrecruiting, selecting and managingq great Internet dates. Why Does The Ultimate Online Dating Book use this Approach? These techniques are shown to be easily adaptable to dating and relationships. They dramatically increase the odds of finding a great match while having an enjoyable, interesting and safe dating experience. The Ultimate Online Dating Guide coaches readers through a step-by-step process of self-discovery that defines what's important to them in a great Internet date and to naturally attract and choose men who share their interests, values, attitudes and personality traits. Ms. MacGowan teaches readers basic principles of advertising and writing. Strategies for finding and choosing men (recruiting and selection) are extensively covered. How to analyze men's behavior to choose the best matches draws on how recruiters analyze human behavior to find the best workers. The Internet is quickly becoming one of the best ways of meeting new dates. Its rapid growth proves that it's not only acceptable but also preferable. Women can broaden their visibility and meet men they wouldn't otherwise have had an opportunity to meet. It's increasingly important to get the right man's attention for successful dating because there are now millions of men browsing these ads. However, women need to learn how to use this wonderful new resource correctly to fully reap its benefits. Internet dating without sound back-up principles can be compared to buying an item on eBay without knowing how to compare prices, assess an item's quality or knowing the strategies of bidding. The Ultimate Online Dating Book Women Approach to Internet Dating After the self-discovery process, the reader develops her ad using her interests in the headline to attract men who share these interests. But many women have trouble with creative writing. Ms. MacGowan shows them how to use advertising headlines from women's magazines to construct an appealing, attention-grabbing headline that attracts men. Ms. MacGowan includes examples of well-written ads for the reader to use as models. A great photo attracts. Tips that get results are covered as well as how to qreadq men's photos. The reader also learns how to organize her email responses so she won't get her correspondents mixed up. Next is the advantage of creating qcannedq responses that guide her in what to say about herself. She sees them as a timesaver that will provide consistency to her responses to men's emails. qStrip 'em Naked Questions, or Finding the Man beneath the Facadeq is an unusual approach to analyzing men's responses. Each serious of questions, there are over 100 to choose from, begins with a hard-hitting discussion of what a woman should think about when she reads, and later, hears a man's answer. She'll learn if he has attitude, personality or behavior problems. Now it's time to learn about qproblemq personality types. There are 16 whimsical personalities to avoid, which are described. A practice session reading and critiquing men's ads ties it nicely together in qThe Devil's in the Emales, You've Got Tails.q Let's conduct a qtelephone interviewq! Recruiters do this using prepared questions. In this chapter, Ms. MacThe Ultimate Online Dating Guide: Secrets of How Savvy Women Find Great Matches modifies the recruitment tools from ... Ms. MacGowan has worked at Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Security Pacific Bank, Sony Entertainment, First Interstateanbsp;...

Title:The Ultimate Online Dating Guide
Author:Suzanne MacGowan
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003


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