The Ultimate Shop Manual

The Ultimate Shop Manual

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What man hasn't struggled when it comes to shopping for or with a woman? And what woman hasn't suffered the consequences? Help for men has finally arrived!The Ultimate Shop Manual-A Man's Guide to Shopping for and with Women takes both men's and women's perspectives on shopping and blends them together using practical advice and humor to aid men through the shopping maze.The Ultimate Shop Manual is bursting with the insight that author Scott Hubbard has gained during the past two decades observing and recording the pitiful plight of males (young and old) as they struggled in the shopping arena. Downtrodden men will Learn why there was more to the original sin than just the snake and the forbidden fruit. Examine the myths surrounding men, women and shopping. Explore the tangled web of gift-giving, including the forbidden world of lingerie, and use the author's ideas and tools to successfully shop for their cuddle dove. Develop a game plan for keeping their sanity and patience during marathon shopping sessions with their little lovely. The Ultimate Shop Manual will make both men and women laugh, learn, and understand the connection between shopping and their relationships. Grab a copy before she buys one for you!They realize that when it comes to men and lingerie items, the following adage fits: a€œAn ape in a G-string is still an ape.a€ When you are looking over each ... Passion Ratings I decided to use candy for the passion 48 The Ultimate Shop Manual.

Title:The Ultimate Shop Manual
Author:Scott Hubbard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-04


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