The Underground Fall 2013

The Underground Fall 2013

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Welcome reader! The Underground is back again this fall with its sixth volume. This semester we have decided to expand the scope of our journal even further to include pieces from all areas of study within the social sciences and humanities disciplines that are concerned with issues of representation. We are excited with the expansion of the journal and the incorporation of pieces from departments of Performance and Communicative Arts, Film and Representation Studies, Art History, Fine Art, Gender and Sexualities Studies, Sociology, Government and History. Tiara Davis leads this issue with her compelling article on the history African American hair and its use as a political statement throughout history. Brandon Studler follows with his two poems titled a€œCulturea€ and a€œAnxietya€ dealing with issues of societal pressures and norms. Morgan McNeal analyzes the hyper-sexuality and objectification of women in Italian perfume ads created by designer Tom Ford. Jamie Caroccio reflects on the public response to the killing of Travon Martin and discusses the matters of racism and white privilege in America. Darion Ambrosino conveys the silence of those who struggle with gender and sexual identity through her series of photographs. Emily Baldwin analyzes the use of emoticons in digital conversation and the effects on modern communication. Tzintzun Aguilar Izzoa€™s film performance provides commentary on the rapidly evolving media and its interactions with society. Jacqueline Ashley Grey provides inquiry to the self representation in Frida Kahloa€™s portraitures and the ways in which they represented Mexicanidad, mestizaje, feminism, and communism. Suncica Habul concludes with our first Spanish submission, examining the relationship between the Spanish Gypsies and the origin of flamenco in Spain. On behalf of all of us at The Underground, we hope you enjoy this fall edition.wearing wigs that hid her natural hair. ... When questioned about the decision to wear natural hair, the actress replied, a€œMy husband wanted me to take the wig off. He said, a#39;If you want ... Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair inAmerica.

Title:The Underground Fall 2013
Author:Tiara Davis, Brandon Studler, Morgan McNeal, Jamie Caroccio, Darion Ambrosino, Emily Baldwin, Tzintzun Aguilar Izzo, Jacqueline Ashley Grey, Suncica Habul, Corey Hahnl
Publisher:The Underground Journal of Undergraduate Research - 2014-01-20


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