The United States and Cambodia, 1969-2000

The United States and Cambodia, 1969-2000

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Beginning with the restoration of diplomatic relations between the US and Cambodia in 1969, this book is the first to systematically explore the controversial issues and events surrounding the relationship between the two countries in the latter half of the 20th century. It traces how the secret bombing of Cambodia, the coup which overthrew Prince Sihanouk and the American invasion of Cambodia in 1970 led to a brutal civil war. Based on extensive archival research in the United States, Australia and Cambodia, this is the most comprehensive account of the United States' troubled relationship with Cambodia.forced to perform manual labor, stripped of their robes and, if recalcitrant, sent to reeducation centers. ... Despite the knowledge that those who tried to escape would be killed if captured, about 28, 000 fled to South Vietnam in 1973 ... Similar reports appeared in other newspapers 1 06 Ford, Kissinger, and the fall of Cambodia.

Title:The United States and Cambodia, 1969-2000
Author:Kenton Clymer
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-01-11


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