The Unneeded Panic Room (Short Story)

The Unneeded Panic Room (Short Story)

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After he is outed as a Proposition 8 donor, Michael and his young family are stalked by a vengeful activist. Like many Mormons in California, Michael and his wife, Kate, are asked to support Proposition 8. Michael has no problem with this requesta€”same-sex marriage makes no sense to him. But after Proposition 8 prevails at the ballot box, same-sex marriage activists explode in anger. They target the list of Proposition 8 donors and ramp up their campaign to demonize all opposition, leaving Michael and Kate to suffer the consequences. qWhat did they think would happen after they labeled us as bigots? How did they expect others to treat us?q (Short Story: ~14, 900 words.)Stephen Measure ... One of his patients had had the unfortunate luck of meeting the metal bar of his trampoline. ... had taken a picture on his cell phone, which he intended to save for the day his daughter, Grizzy, ever asked to get a trampoline.

Title:The Unneeded Panic Room (Short Story)
Author:Stephen Measure
Publisher:Silver Layer Publications - 2014-05-10


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