The Unraveling

The Unraveling

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Moments after Bobby left, someone began watching young, innocent Kate. Who will save hera€”a bumbling father, an overprotective mother, or perhaps a guardian angel? And who is this intruder who peers into the intimacies of Katea€™s life? F. L. Wasselwicka€™s Return of the Golden Turtle breathed life into beautiful Kate Beckermen. Readers fell in love with her and her dashing, charismatic Bobby. What will become of these two young lovers? With Bobby on a quest to find his purpose, Katea€™s life collides with a misguided soul, a social castawaya€”this man who watches from her mirror. Leviticus Darkweather, a sinister, misunderstood genius, systematically studies Kate from his self-imposed isolation. His purpose: to deliver the greatest of giftsa€”a message that will save us from ourselves. K. L. Malmquist weaves yet another fantastic tale. It is a wild and twisted ride, an unpredictable journey. It is romance and adventure written with a flair for futuristic science fiction. Although the greatest of gifts has arrived, it comes not in a pretty little package. It remains locked away . . . in the mind of a madman . . . cradled by an insanity of our own creation. It is The Unraveling.He cut the phone lines and stacked a mountain of books against the windows and doors. He had no ... He defied them with complete isolation, removing himself from their world, living within a life of fantasy. Laced with ... a reality where science, produced by the Divine and implemented by the Messenger, must be accepted.

Title:The Unraveling
Author:K.L. Malmquist
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-02-08


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