The Untouchable Being

The Untouchable Being

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The Untouchable Being is my memoir on being placed in GOD's (YHWH) chess match with life after death at a young age to change the world with Truth, Justice, Courage, Faith and Love. GOD's son, Eshauoh Msheekha, also known as YaHshua the Messiah in Hebrew, arrives in the flesh to hug and accept me into HIS family and provide me with GOD's quest that would change my life for eternity. My novel is a true story of Tragedy, Love, GODa€™s Archangels, Battles, Adventures, Miracles and finally meeting my Soulmate.I informed Carol that I would have to take the DVR hard drive to see if I can install in on another machine to verify that it was not the DVR at fault. In the meantime; I had instructed Carol on a few short cuts on a few applications on her laptop to make her work tasks easier and faster. I asked Carol if she would like to sit down at Tim Hortona#39;s for a cup of coffee someday for my PC training. a€œSure ... We talked for a little bit and Carol had to go back into the pizzeria to take care of business.

Title:The Untouchable Being
Author:President Gandy Kachucha
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-09-06


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