The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power

The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power

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A quirky guide to understanding issues related to nuclear power as energy source Arcane discussions on nuclear power have been confounding people for a long time. The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power is an attempt to demystify this critical area of public choice for the general reader. While it does not forego the seriousness associated with the topic, the book provides for an easy read that informs the reader of a variety of issues associated with the subject. Divided into short chapters, aspects such as technology, resource availability, economics, geopolitics and policies associated with nuclear power are dealt with in detail, but in a way that emphasizes readability. Contentious areas such as safety, waste management and the latest trends associated with them are laid bare for the reader. The book also dwells in depth on the shrill and seldom above-board debate on nuclear power and renewables. An invaluable companion for all those looking to understand the nature of the nuclear industry in the new millennium and the implications of international treaties such as the Indo-US nuclear deal.Cohn, Steven Mark, T00 Cheap to Meter: An Economic and Philosophical Analysis of the Nuclear Dream. ... Entire document available at: alt; Publications/Documents/Infcircs/2009/infcirc754.pdfagt; a€”, (Department of ... Jones, Suzanne L. and Frank N. von Hippel, a#39;The Question of Pure Fusion Explosions Under the CTBTa#39;, Science ... Kale, R.D., a#39;Fast Breeder Reactor a€” A Safety Perspectivea#39;, CurrentScience, Volume 63: 11, 10 December 1992. ... Volume 5: 1, Fall 1998.

Title:The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power
Author:Saurav Jha
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers - 2012-07-21


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