The US Army in World War II (2)

The US Army in World War II (2)

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It was the Mediterranean theatre which saw the blooding of the US Army against the German Wehrmacht, in North Africa in winter 1943/44. After this rough education the US forces pressed on to Sicily, the South of France and the Italian mainland. Here, faced by difficult terrain , they and their British Commonwealth allies fought a long campaign until VE-Day. This second of a series of three MAA titles covers the uniforms worn on these fronts, including US Army cold weather, airborne and tankers' gear; some particularly interesting and important units, including mountain, Japanese-American and African-American troops; and a variety of crew-served weapons.... responsible for weapons, ammunition, and the repair and maintenance of vehicles and hundreds of other Gl items; in the 2nd Armored this element was provided by ... His Harley has leather saddlebags and an M1 carbine in the scabbard.

Title:The US Army in World War II (2)
Author:Mark Henry
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-09-20


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