The Vampire Agent

The Vampire Agent

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On the sultry streets of New Orleans, Captain Scott Boulder and Leah Maguire are about to begin a deadly mission. The traumatized, genetically altered subjects of a Department of Defense experiment gone wrong have escaped, among them Rachel Ackart, a beautiful, seductive, and powerful womana€“who is now under the dangerous influence of Andre Espinoza de Madrid, a vampire of incomparable evil and power. While Predator drones circle above New Orleans, and the sound of Black Hawk helicopters rends the air, Scott and Leah must fight their growing attraction to each other as they pursue their quarry amid the haunted and the damned. But Rachel is one step ahead of them. Andrea€™s vampire agent will soon unleash the greatest terror of all. From the Paperback edition.If she did that, Andre knew he would become stranded in the white abyss for eternity. Thus far, he had used Rachela#39;s passion for Neumann as a guide for which memories to employ. Now he would have to ... It was a memory that took place inside a German hilltop fortress during the days following Operation Overlord.

Title:The Vampire Agent
Author:Patricia Rosemoor, Marc Paoletti
Publisher:Del Rey - 2008-12-30


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