The Vent and Seep Biota

The Vent and Seep Biota

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Oases of life around black smokers and hydrocarbon seeps in the deep-sea were among the most surprising scientific discoveries of the past three decades. These ecosystems are dominated by animals having symbiotic relationships with chemoautotrophic bacteria. Their study developed into an international, interdisciplinary venture where scientists develop new technologies to work in some of the most extreme places on Earth. This book highlights discoveries, developments, and advances made during the past 10 years, including remarkable cases of host-symbiont coevolution, worms living on frozen methane, and a fossil record providing insights into the dynamic history of these ecosystems since the Paleozoic.Enslavement of chemosynthetic symbionts through obligately vertical transmission avoids of the problems of mixed symbiont ... are now well established though the order of events leading to eukaryotes is still debated ( Cavalier-Smith and Lee 1985; Embley and Martin 2006). ... Robison BH, Kochevar RE, Nybakken JW, Reed DL, McHugh CM (1996) Biologic and geologic characteristics of cold seeps inanbsp;...

Title:The Vent and Seep Biota
Author:Steffen Kiel
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-09-21


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